Thursday, January 31, 2008

Main Street News and Blues and Whistles

Even though we still have Pfaltzgraff and Lenox with super great buys, no doubt we shoppers were unhappy to see Mikasa close it doors… but good news… peeping out the windows of the abandoned Mikasa building are Red Vanilla banners … …the shop with flavor… and through the windows there seems to be movement afoot within…

Red Vanilla is a home goods store enterprise that I never heard of… but low and behold in my “Tuesday Morning” flyer yesterday, it too is advertising closeout Red Vanilla merchandise….

So I am thinking Red Vanilla has hit Flemington...I do not have an opening date.

AND further good news… The Shoppes at Flemington being built behind McDonalds are well underway. The target date for opening, last I heard was, to be in time for the Christmas shopping season of 2008.

This shopping center will have ---New York & Co., Talbots, Payless, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Limited too, Coldwater Creek to name a few…

The strip center next to the train tracks is gone…What’s happening there, I wonder?

On a slightly different note, Main Street continues to be more traveled in the early evening, with bike traffic and throngs of young people congregating by Bucks’ County Coffee House. I know I am still a ‘newbie” here just being a resident only twenty years but I do remember the days when Flemington police patrolled Main Street on foot. I do not see them nearly as often as I used to. But in light of the increase in activity, biker traffic and regular traffic around Main Street, especially in the evening, perhaps it would be a good idea to see more police presence, particularly around dusk when it seems so busy.

And BTW: Speaking of police presence, isn’t it wonderful to see Officer Chris Foley’s great smile again after that dreadful motorcycle accident this summer? I saw him for a few minutes after Boro Council a few weeks ago and he says he is feeling pretty good. Looks terrific and welcome back.

We have a spanking new fire truck still in the process of getting its bells and whistles as Mayor Hauck informs. It arrived a few weeks ago with Mayor Hauck and former Councilman Phil Greiner, former fire commissioner, there on hand as it drove down Park Avenue to its new home.

Stay tuned.

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