Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bulletin Board

Thought for the day: " The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. " Theodore Roosevelt

January 28, 2008

-Boro council meeting is tonight. Work session begins at 7:00 o’clock. The regular meeting starts at 7:30. Those who wish to be heard regarding watering the planters should be sure to attend. Boro council seems very responsive to citizen issues so I am sure the trip will be worth your while. My opinion: If the issue is money, I hope Boro council finds a way to water the planters. Main Street could use more polishing not less. To invite business Main Street needs to be decked out…and if we could only do something about the appearance of those circles!?

-The State of the Union address is at 9:00 o’clock tonight. Please take the time and have the patience to listen and see whatever we shall see or hear. My opinion: The union is in deep distress, both at home and abroad. Thankfully, this is President Bush’s last address. He landed in stormy waters not all of his making but sailed us into other dangerous storms of his making. May the next master and commander be more seasoned in navigating us through stormy waters and lead us to calmer ones, at home and abroad.

-Please stay with the Lonegan issue. The corruption in Trenton with double dipping and pay to play in this failing economy is unconscionable enough but now there is reason to think under Governor Corzine's administration there is abuse and manipulation of our rights as American citizens as well. Steve Lonegan wants a federal probe into the matter. Maybe that's not such a bad idea.

See “Corzine critic says AG investigating him”

Bob Ingle who blogs “On Politics” for the Courier News makes some more interesting revelations here. See his post “ Are Corzine’s pig and pony shows stacked?” Seems the governor may be manipulating the questions during his town meetings on his toll hike, shades of Hillary and the Iowa caucus a few weeks ago. If so, Lonegan’s complaints about his right to dissent being violated seem all the more poignant and credible. My opinion: Folks, we must be vigilant and express our condemnation. Our Constitution is not going to be preserved by Tinkerbell throwing around her magic fairy dust. If Governor Corzine is cutting constitutional corners, he will do so until we “just say no”.

Visit Bob Ingle through the Courier News website,, Opinion section. Just click on his picture, below yours truly.

The Jersey Boys, 101.5 FM, are also hot on Governor Corzine’s trail here.

Stay tuned.


Bob said...

One thing to be thankful for: tonight is His Fraudulency's last State of the Union address. Maybe he'll talk about how badly he's screwed New Jersey and small towns like Flemington over the last 7 years.

He can tell us all how his welfare-for-millionaires program looted the national treasure, forcing local and county governments to raise property taxes just to keep things from falling apart. Like that bridge in Minnesota.

Nah. He'll just tell us how great things are going in Iraq and how he can't wait to get Iran's nuke-u-lar weapons of....uh...goats.

Courier News Flemington blog said...


I am counting the days...any pix for a successor?

Bob said...

My candidate is John Edwards. Yes he's a long-shot, but he's the most solid progressive in the race. Edwards is the only candidate who talks seriously about ending poverty and ending the growing disparity between the haves and the have-nots. Not just from a practical standpoint, but because it's the moral thing to do. I haven't heard a candidate saying these things since RFK.

Edwards is also not beholden to any special interest group or industry.

Courier News Flemington blog said...


I just read Edwards dropped out...He does seem focused on poverty issues and certainly in the global market world we need to look at that...any other pix..
and what about foreign policy...who is good for that?