Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flemington Cut Glass

To everything there is a season…a time to come and a time to go. It seems it is time for Flemington Cut Glass to go.

Flemington Cut Glass, a Flemington institution, was opened in 1908 by Alphonse Muller and Charles McMullen. It is the oldest manufacturer of glass in the US. But it has not been faring well in today’s markets.
Flemington Cut Glass is being sold but to whom?

Fieldstone Development is seeking several variances in order to build some 71+ town houses there at the Flemington Cut Glass location. This past Tuesday, April 22, the board of adjustment began hearings on this proposal. The townhouses would include one, two and three bedroom units and would cover the expanse from Main Street to Broad and across Broad Street and would include their COAH requirements, once they are determined.

Fieldstone Development began presenting its case after the Boro Council last year declined its request to re-zone that property from commercial use to residential use.

This project could result in major changes in the Boro given the large influx of new residents on Main Street and changes in the tax structure. So this is a very big deal for us in Flemington.

The hearings have been a long time coming. The next one is on Monday, June 2 at 7:00 PM. They are open to the public who may question those who give testimony.

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Stay tuned.


Betsy said...

But it has not been faring well in today’s markets.

Uh, Joan, Flemingont Cut Glass hasn't feared well for a couple years now; it's been closed for about two years. In fact, had you actually read the date on the article you quote about them, you would have learned that.

Maybe you should learn more about the borough you claim to love before writing about it.

Courier News Flemington blog said...

Yes, I am aware of that, Betsy...sometimes one just tries to be a little "today's markets" I do not literally mean April 25, 2008. I mean Flemington Cut Glass, started in 1908, did not compete successfully as the markets changed as opposed to its previous years that were successful, as per the article cited. Why do you think I cited the article?

bob said...

While it would be nice for the Cut Glass property to remain as open (albeit paved) space, we'd all be kidding ourselves to imagine that nobody would make a serious play for the biggest, empty plot in town. It was only a matter of time.

My biggest concern is parking. The lot has plenty of it, and it's free, without any time restrictions. So whatever happens to the Cut Glass property, the Borough should make sure that we don't lose that benefit.

Several weeks ago, Planner Frank Banisch said one possible solution would be to have a multi-level garage that would be partially below ground. That's OK with me, as long as it doesn't decrease the number of spaces and remains open and unrestricted.

As for the Cut Glass company not faring well, it's doing just as well as Eastern Airlines, Grand Union supermarkets and DeLorean Moter Company.

Courier News Flemington blog said...


You make a good points about the parking ...have you considered sharing them with the board of adjustment...

Betsy said...

Thing is, the parking is only readily available and free because the private owner of the property allows it. Technically, someone other than the owner has no more right to park on that property than I would to park in your driveway without your permission.

bob said...

Bummer. I guess we're screwed.