Monday, April 14, 2008

Heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrre's Abbott

Temerity…that’s the word that describes the governor who out one side of his mouth has offered a 16% increase to the Union City School District to the effect of $20 million, bringing the amount of state aid up to $150 million while out of the other side of his mouth telling us that Flemington needs to share services or merge to become more fiscally responsible. So Flemington’s funding should be eliminated to prod it along.

Here’s Abbott, in the face of Union City School District. The sum of overtime paid to 3 school bus drivers in this school district, for the bus drivers’ cell phones and a superintendent’s newsletter, roughly $244,181 would virtually cover our loss in state funding. Flemington is fiscally wayward?! and

The Union City School District superintendent is paying a PR firm $55,000 to prepare a school newsletter. A well-run school would be its own PR. In Flemington we are skimping so the Union City school bus drivers can have cell phone contracts at a rate of $345/month as well as pay 6 hours in overtime each month for the bus drivers to charge their cell phones. And Flemington is inefficient. More likely, in my estimation, Flemington is out of the party boss loop and the protection it would offer. Hence, Flemington is a soft target for willy-nilly cuts.

If the governor wants to make up the budget shortfall through state funding cuts to municipalities, the cuts should be across the board cuts applied to ALL municipalities and we will settle for nothing less. This must be our message to Governor Corzine.

Furthermore the governor needs to execute more due diligence over Abbott before any state funds are cut to small municipalities.

A few weeks ago the pope proposed a list of modern sins. I hope fiscal frivolity is among the new top ten.

Stay tuned.

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