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"Council Meeting Just Around the Corner" lit n up's Bright Idea

On January 11, 2008, after the re-org, lit in up posted the comment below.
(“The Re- Org That Wasn’t”, January 4, 2008)

lit n up said...

“Council Meeting Just around the corner"

Since the council meeting is just around the corner, I hope that the council has their act together. I hope that the bickering witnessed last time is over and that the council that worked so well together last year reemerges next week. I hope egos and attitudes can be set aside and that our elected officials will be grown up enough to do what is in the best interest of the borough residents, business and employees. I hope that personal preference is set aside and assignments are based on experience and merit. Just because we voted for you once, doesn’t mean we will vote for you again.

Joan, maybe you could do us all a favor, and give us a venue to share some our comments to council before Monday night.”

January 11, 2008 7:21 AM
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Let me apologize, lit n up. I did not see this comment until today when I was going through my posts and collapsing the comments. If there is any type of venue I can set up via this blog for Boro council meetings, I am only too happy to do so. Please tell me what you may have in mind here…

As far as getting info to Flemington residents, this blog is underwritten by the Courier News, a major central NJ newspaper. As an agent for this news medium, I have asked all Boro council members to sit with me and explain in more detail certain issues that are pressing in Flemington, as Councilman John Gorman did recently with water, a very serious local, national and international issue. I look forward to bringing more in depth information about Flemington to Flemington residents. We should take full advantge of the opportunity for information sharing and citizen input that the Courier News is offering our Boro.

On the flip side of the coin here, as a resident you offered information on state code regarding bike safety. Because of the info you provided on this blogsite, Mayor Hauck expedited a course of action that has resulted in an ad hoc committed organized by Cpl Chris Foley that is currently meeting to address the issue of visibility and bikers.

To fulfill your request, for instance, I am happy to reserve a post site on this forum totally devoted to Flemington residents in order to raise questions or make comments to Boro council, i.e. “Ask Boro Council”… Is this along the lines of a venue to bring questions to Boro council that you have in mind here, lit n up ???? Just a thought.

Again, lit n up, I offer my apologies for missing your request and, folks, this forum is open for ideas here, one and all. There is another council meeting just around the corner and I can set up a post site in a flash…Standing by and please

Stay tuned.

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