Saturday, December 8, 2007

Why Don't They Ever Write Back?

One Sunday morning after attending mass for decades, slumped in his easy chair, my father in his Archie Bunker manner went on about the gospel reading…”A reading from St. Paul to the Galatians … a reading from St. Paul to the Corinthians. Who are these Galatians and why don’t they ever write back? ” He mused. Well, they did not write back undoubtedly because they could not go online. The Internet, for all of its vices, is a great equalizer of sorts because every day “Joes” like you and me can be heard by thousands. I invite you to join this worldwide discussion. It’s fun and illuminating. If you are shy, please know that out here in cyberspace you can use an alias and I encourage you to do so rather than keeping your thoughts to yourself.

Blogs are not news items. They are opinion pieces with the added benefit of providing the readers a way to respond and add their own 2 cents by posting their own comments. Words are a powerful means for sculpting out a viewpoint. But the idea in the discussion is not for me to convince you I am correct. I pretty much am convinced of that myself when I take a position LOL (in “blogese” “LOL” means –“laugh out loud”). The idea is for me to tease your brain a bit.

So what are the rules or boundaries? I view Flemington as a wonderful scene woven into the broader tapestries of beautiful Hunterdon County, located within the (politically speaking) Hellmouth State of NJ, that is part of a wonderful country, the United States, that is a part of the fabric of the entire universe. Whatever new threads of ideas weave their way into some parts of this tapestry; these new threads are bound to change the hues of its other scenery. So any topic is virtually fair game to me because in one way or another it effects Flemington. Any point of view respectfully presented is up for discussion. Unlike those Corinthians and Galatians, you can write back to thousands, under an alias if you are so inclined.

Stay tuned.

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