Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Christmas Time in the Boro

“ Christmas wreathes, bright red bows. It’s Christmas time in the Boro.” Joan Greiner's rendition of "Silver Bells"

I have the good fortune to live on the west end of the Boro and must travel down Main Street frequently. So as the leaves fell I cannot help but notice how Flemington is now adorned with twinkling lights, snowflakes and red and evergreens that perk us up as we hunker down for our long winter adventures in the snow, ice and cold winds. As I head out I see Agway depicting our rustic side, with its split rails and the lights on the Christmas trees you see through the store windows. Flemington Floral is a scene unto itself, ablaze with white and blue mini lights. Flemington Presbyterian Church will perhaps soon have those understated and elegant wreathes with red velvet bows on each of its massive historic wooden doors that are put up year after year. Then there is the War Memorial with our happy Christmas tree and the solemn menorah, punctuating the Founders dream of religious tolerance and Flemington’s achievement of that dream. Grom’s has its windows dotted with green wreathes and sassy red bows with a garland swag festooned over its stately entrance.

As you head down further you now see the snowflakes that light much brighter than one would think when they are not turned on. Up and down Main Street on both sides are those magnificent stone planters just brimming with evergreens and frosted tree branches jutting upwards. Kreis Jewelers with its bench and grandfather’s clock is entwined in evergreen ropes that are divided into segments by large red velvet bows, making you feel like you have been transported into the Dicken’s Victorian England. Just lovely. Some shops like Higgin’s and our Police Department have their lights draped in their windows and they outline the displays filled with snow and Santa, the Christmas king. All bundled in gold tinsel garland, the Hall of Records sports its own tree right on the sidewalk. And in the windows of the Union Hotel are matching small trees again decked out in lights that glow at night. At the end of the Boro you have the white tree with shiny red balls on the steps of Huarache Azeteca that welcomes you as you climb the few steps to get your lunch or dinner. Again the ever- popular red balls dangle from the tree in front of Orvieto’s. Billowing around in the winds across the street you find none other than the jovial Frosty on the front lawn of The Candy Bar. Main Street Manor is nestled with Christmas spirit with its garlands and wreathes. And the private residences along Main Street join in the celebration too, bedecked in their finest glitter.

Traveling down Main Street Flemington under a sprinkling of snow at Christmas time is like flipping through a box of Hallmark Christmas cards. So many stores are decked out to look as pretty as a picture that you just want to walk and find out more about what is going on inside the same way a beautiful card tempts you to open it up and read it. So, friends, please take the time to check out what is going on behind those inviting sparkling decorations.

Hallmark offers musical greeting cards. So in the same spirit --- how about a little Christmas music on Main Street during the holiday…Heaven knows we could all use a lift during the rough times we face as a nation.

What comes to Flemington comes through working hands and good hearts. So thank you, Merchants, FRBA, Boro council, Rotary Club for all you do to contribute to this little bit of magic we have in Flemington Boro at this time of year.

These past few days have certainly been dreary. Hope this vision of Flemington brightens your day.

Stay tuned.

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