Monday, February 18, 2008

The Miracle of the Flying Pig

Lately in NJ we have been hearing a lot about flying pigs. Pigs generally do not fly, regardless of how NJ will eventually pay down its debts. But through the latest developments in the science of balloon-ology and the provocation of the Jersey Boys 101.5 FM, we witnessed the miracle of pigs flying over the Statehouse a few weeks ago.

Following the news, no one needs any more reasons to question the soundness of the governor’s toll hike plan so I will spare you further rants on that issue. Instead I will suggest you look into a meeting on the toll hike issue. There is one scheduled this Wednesday February 20, 7:30 – 9:30 at the Hunterdon Central Little Theater, Junction Road entrance. The meeting will be led by a Republican delegation, consisting of Assembly Republican leader Alex DeCroce, Assemblymen Mike Doherty, Richard Merkt and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande.

Here’s my pitch. We have had enough frivolous money management here in this “Soprano State” as Bob Ingle, author and political columnist for Gannett News/ the Courier News, writes regarding NJ. Note his book, “The Soprano State” hits the bookstores this week. Too many of us have had enough of the self- serving governance perpetuated by party bosses at the expense of the struggling taxpayers. The indignation of the taxpayer has been ignited, finally. Our disapproval was increasingly apparent at Governor Corzine’s town hall meetings to sell his toll hike proposal. Evidently, it takes a lot to get the taxpayer from his armchair complaints to a meeting. I think we are there. I hope this taxpayer backlash is the beginning of reform within NJ. Enough is enough already. It is high time to slash the benefits and perks for part time work that takes the ordinary taxpayer a lifetime of work to accrue and then watch as corporate America slashes these promised benefits for their retirees. It is an unacceptable state of affairs when our the younger generation must now choose between home or family because their dream of having both is financially out of reach while party bosses lavish themselves and their friends with our revenues through pay to play. It doesn’t grow on trees, folks. These are only a few taxpayer complaints.

It is time for us to collectively put our foot down...demand accountability and scrutinize…what happens in Trenton is felt around the state. In one way or another, it comes out of our purse. Your presence there lets our elected representatives know that we care about what they do with our money, we expect them to be responsible with our tax money and we will remember in the voting booth.

Hunterdon Central, 7:30 PM this coming Wednesday...let us start down a new path in our history, demanding fiscal responsibility… come if you can and help promote this change…

Stay tuned.

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